Analyte visibility

This research theme aims to enhance the visibility of a single biological or chemical molecule or nanoparticle by adopting background-free detection approaches and advancing signal amplification technologies.

Research projects include:

  • Exploring nanophotonic cavities to generate microscale ‘mirror’ effects which enable analyte signals to be amplified hundreds to thousands of times. New luminescent probes will be used in conjunction with microcavity technology for ultra-high sensitivity of biomarkers (e.g. bacterial enzymes, antibodies, glucose and even reactive oxygen species). It is anticipated that bio-molecule functionalised photonic devices will allow spatially encoded detection of enzymes at femtomolar to picomolar sensitivity.
  • Developing new-generation probes based on the Eureka Prize winning technology, Super Dots®. The new probes will be made more stable and brighter (at least an order of magnitude) by creating an organic framework on the surface of nanoparticles as light antenna.
  • Developing a new library of specific gold-protein conjugates to recognise antibodies.

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